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What Listeners Have to Say About my "Personal Stress Coach" Audio Tapes

(These are just a few samples from letters I've received.)

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"What a great set of tapes! I've been attending seminars on how to reduce my stress for years. After listening to your advice, I now realize that all these seminars were nothing more than band- aid approaches. Your tapes (and book) have shown me how to alleviate not just the symptoms of my stress, but the hidden causes as well. You have my unrestricted permission to use these comments in any and all of your promotional materials."

Ken Varga
Lakewood, NJ

"Absolutely amazing! I listened to your tapes for the first time while doing my 3-mile walk each morning. I now listen to them and review them constantly. There isn't a person I can think of who couldn't benefit from your outstanding insights and advice."

Edward Starr
Pompano Beach, FL

"Loaded with fantastic tips and great information I could put to use immediately. If these tapes don't resolve your stress problems, nothing will!"

John Kypriotakis
Cleveland, OH

"Do yourself a favor--put your skepticism, doubts, and past experiences with other stress programs aside. These tapes are incredible, and I'm not exaggerating. Having listened to them all, I can honestly say that my ability to deal with my own and others' stress has improved tremendously!"

Jonathan Greenburg
Calabasas, CA