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Pocket Stress Coach Index Cards

Do you ever feel...Angry? Frustrated? Worried? Guilty? Sad? Fearful or panicky? Yes, there is a cure for all these emotions. When you read The 14 Day Stress Cure or listen to Dr. Orman's Personal Stress Coach audiotape series, you'll find out all about it.

Dr. Orman's new approach to eliminating negative moods and emotions, which is fully explained in each of these references, is truly remarkable. It is based upon Dr. Orman's revolutionary "Pocket Stress Coach" technique: six high-powered index cards that can help you quickly recognize and deal with the hidden causes of your feelings.

Remember when you had training wheels on your first bicycle? After a while, you got the hang of riding and you no longer needed the extra wheels to support you. Well, your Pocket Stress Coach Index cards are like "training wheels for your psyche." Keep them in your shirt pocket, your purse, your desk at work--wherever. Then, whenever you feel overcome by anger, frustration, worry, guilt, etc.--just take out your card for that emotion and...well it's like having Dr. Orman as a stress coach, right there with you.

After a while, you won't need to review these cards any longer. You'll intuitively know the important information they contain. And your ability to deal with your own moods and emotions, as well as the moods and emotions of others, will improve tremendously.

The Pocket Stress Coach index cards are included free of charge when you purchase either The 14 Day Stress Cure book or Your Personal Stress Coach audiotapes. You will also receive them when you order Dr. Orman's Ultimate Stress Relief package, which contains both his book and tapes.  These special index are not sold separately.

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