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Praise For The 14 Day Stress Cure

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"Years of clinical wisdom have melded to produce an entirely new synthesis about stress and health. Dr. Orman has written a book that is both marvelously human and easy to read. The physician, healer, and teacher is immediately apparent."
James P. Lynch, Ph.D.
Author of The Broken Heart
and The Language Of The Heart
"The most helpful guide to easing the problems of everyday life I have ever read. Dr. Orman's reliable and easy-to-master method can improve anyone's ability to deal with stress more effectively."
Robert Shaw, M.D.
Director, The Family Therapy
Institute Of Berkeley
"Stress is one of the most overused and misunderstood concepts in today's society. Mort Orman's brilliant book provides a fresh, common sense approach to finally understanding what stress really is, what causes it to occur, and how we can eliminate it."
Michael Greenberg, M.D.
Author of Off The Pedestal
"Dr. Orman's new book will definitely change the way health professionals and other people are educated about stress. I highly recommend it to any medical student, nursing student, psychologist, or other health care professional."
John-Henry Pfifferling, Ph.D.
Director, The Society For Professional Well-Being
"Dr. Orman's book is a wise and compassionate analysis of the major problems which cause stress in people's lives. He clearly shows how each of us can take charge of ourselves and find relief from our emotional burdens."
Nina Tassi, Ph.D.
Author of Urgency Addiction
"I love recommending this book to my patients, because it goes way beyond the usual `how-to' advice about stress. I believe Dr. Orman has achieved an important new milestone for promoting health and well-being."
Richard Feinbloom, M.D.
Author of Medical Choices, Medical Chances